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Weight Loss and The Struggles

School has started back and summer is coming to an end. That means it has been 9 months since I started my weight loss journey. In these 9 months I have lost 54 lbs. A great accomplishment that has been rewarding, frustrating and depressing at times. I am a long way from my goal weight, even further from where the doctor says I should be but I am SOOOO much closer than where I was when I started. Have you tried to lose weight? Have you dieted, worked out, turned into a rabbit only to return to old habits? I feel your pain. I have a few suggestions that have helped me and I hope will inspire you on your  journey to a healthier you. stop comparing your journey to someone elses stop looking to social media for your self worth stop eating sugar, bread, soda, junk in ... read more

granola bars

{Daily Dish Recipe} Granola Bars

  This week for our Daily Dish Recipe posts, we will be celebrating  Back to School with five different yummy snacks you can prepare for your family as they start school this week.   First up, we have these delicious Granola Bars from This and That...     These ... read more